Salto del Hippie o Rio Blanco : Hippie’s Waterfall or White River, Naguabo PR

Salto el Hippie

Just to the south of El Yunque National Forest, Hippie’s Waterfall, or Salto del Hippie, should be on your short list

Hippie is a big and deep Nice pool filled by cool and refreshing waters coming down from El Yunque, it's easy to get to since you can park the car on a spot. It's about 65 ft wide by 65 ft long. As soon as you arrive you'll see these big whitish rocks all along the river. The big one is about 25 foot wide and looks like it's balancing on top of other smaller rocks,The rocks are amazingly smooth and make for a more relaxing afternoon than some of the other local waterfalls. 

Hippie’s Waterfall makes for a great picnic area or just a fun day at the waterfalls. 

The one warning or caution is that you should pay attention to the rate of water flow. There are times of the year that it can be quite slow and easy going, but it can also become a beast roaring to life with some heavy rain, even rain that fell days prior.

You can enter in your car and park on top of a little hill, there are some stairs to go down to the river.

The Upper Part Of The River

The river also haves a upper part, but it’s a little bit sketchy. To get to the top part of it you have to cross the river rocks and it could get a little slippery, but the good thing of it is that nobody likes to go up there so you can probably be alone with a alone part of the river pool like the one from the picture. It haves a big jump but you have to talk to someone or ask a local guy where to jump cause of the rocks under the water.

The Entrance

 Now when you this, it means you’re getting to it J


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