The New Adventure

Hi my good friends,

I hope you are all good.

Well this is my new blog that is going to be dedicated to those who would like to adventure and doesn’t know even where to start.

Starting with me, I’m one of the owners of Entodo, you can look for it at Facebook or at . My friends call me “Bebi” since I was little.  I grow up in a world where taking photographs & making videos was my hobby, but not anymore. For those who don’t know I’m studying Civil Engineering in la Polytechnic University of PR in my senior year. My hobby has become my work, doing that thing you love with all the happiness in the world where every day you can look at it again & again and again and your never get bored. It's a little funny cause im not use to it, that random people at the events come in front of me asking me for my autograph haha feels good the a way.. that some can inspire others with still moments

Taking a camera in my hands I think it was one of the best things I did in my life. I don’t consider myself a photographer, just a happy kid that likes to grab his camera & take pictures everywhere I go. I shoot my photos with my Nikon’s & I have all type of lenses, SD cards & filters. If a have to give the thanks to someone it is to my friends, cause of them I’m the person that I am today & happy kid that takes pictures like the ones I take around, they were my first motivation to go adventuring around my beautiful island.

I’m going to be posting on the blog all over every week talking about some places around the island (Puerto Rico) like; beaches, rivers, caves & many other locations where you can go like secrete spots & places where people haven’t got yet, the best thing about it will be the pictures that I’m going to be posting within the article that I write.

These articles will have their locations from Google Maps so you can jump in your car and go on your free time around to the place you love more. This could be very useful to people that aren’t event from Puerto Rico.

I know the tourist will love this & some hotels could use it to help their clients when they rent a car or the transportation they are taking from the place they are staying.

                 NOTE: If taking pictures from blog put or tag my name to avoid law problems.

You can ask me and comment whatever you think, like, Not like or even suggest me new places that I should go to take pictures.

Follow my adventures from the island:

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Ask me something, Maybe i could help you :)

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