Air Planes Beach : Playa Aviones, Loiza

Aviones Beach

 Best known for surfing. Aviones is 1 of 3 beaches from the north coast of Puerto Rico that is always throwing out waves even if it’s summer where we don’t usually have many waves.

Aviones is called like it because many year ago a plane crash down in that beach, but yeah that’s what people say.

To the left of the beach there’s a really beautiful pond in front of the rocks, where you can go relax and seat down.
 The pond is all sand or you can go to the right where there is another pond just in front of the reef but sometimes there a little current that it pushes you to the right, but still it is fun to go.

Dont forget to bring Sunscreen !!

OHH yeah and I forgot, when you are entering to Piñones in Loiza you can go and grab some local food like (Alcapurias, Bacalaitos, Piononos) from the little like bungalows… 

you will see them. 


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